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 nu_breed and sarahmerry:


Just in case anyone thinks LJ's downtime is just TPTB being incompetant, read this:

LiveJournal, Russia's blogging platform of choice, is sustaining biggest cyberattack attack in its history. Bloggers say the Kremlin wants to crack down on political discussion.

"LiveJournal, Russia’s most popular blogging platform, has been under a massive DDoS attack for the past few days. The attack has effectively wiped out Russia’s main refuge for unbridled political discussion, a hugely lively and extensive domain frequented by politicians, opposition activists and social commentators alike...

“The reason for attack is more than clear in this case — someone wants LiveJournal to disappear as a platform,” Ilya Dronov, development director at SUP, wrote in a post on his LiveJournal blog earlier this week. He said the hackers were hoping to push bloggers from LJ to social networks where “it's easier to fight individual users.”"

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My fiction isn't locked, but everything else is friends only. Comment here if you feel like saying hi. :D
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So this is me. Here. Because miriam is awesome.

I may not be here a lot, considering I'm taking a fandom break in general, but another journal place, especially with the intentions DW has, can't be a bad thing.
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Apparently, I'm having a fling. :D

Earlier this afternoon I was innocently scanning the Porn Paragraph challenge over at [ profile] linaerys's lj and SUDDENLY I saw that [ profile] suaine had posted the prompt: Merlin + Arthur + AMNESIA.


My most beloved and utterly bulletproof kink. And so.

930 words of arthur/merlin amnesia porn-fluff, for which I should probably apologize but OH WELL, NOT TODAY. )

re-posted here so I could add such frivolities as punctuation.
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Well, I obviously need to have the concept of 'datestamps' explained to me, because after rocking through the first few prompts, I stalled out trying to make the rest of them actual fics instead of little glimpses. It is very vexing. (x-posted nowhere, b/c I'm not sure what I think of these. If you hate them, just pretend they didn't happen, 'kay? :D )

Original story here

So Close, a year and a half before (931 words) -- the first time J, J and J hang out without the Rosenbaums present, for [ profile] lomedet

Read more... )

So Close, a year and a half later (1750 words) for [ profile] wendy, with bonus Alona for [ profile] pocketfullof

Read more... )
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ahahahaha... I wrote Merlin fic. I watched 1x10 last night and it just HAPPENED... when confronted with slash that blatant, what could I DO? I was overwhelmed!

Title: Brilliant
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Spoilers: for one line of dialogue in 1x10
Summary: Merlin drinks, Arthur disapproves. Until he doesn't.

For the primae noctis challenge over at [ profile] merlin_flashfic, oh, GOD, am I nervous. But whatever, nothing ventured, right? :D


I still have datestamps to post. I fail at hiatus, obviously. :D
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banner by [ profile] ignited

Happy ending comment fic, chez [ profile] memphis86, lots of lovely prompts -- I hope everyone goes to play. :D:D

Mine is here. Boys snuggling in bed, rated a very definite G.

(Also? In my head, it takes place in the Not Moving Mountains, Jensen-gets-over-mono 'verse, so it's the same as a datestamp, yes? *bg* From [ profile] wendy's prompt and [ profile] yehwellwhatever)

I have one more datestamp that came out of this post

datestamp for G is for Gamble, n3 )

More datestamps on Monday. :D
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This is the first set of datestamps that came out of this post. Thanks for the prompts, bb's. :D

Title: Various date stamps, part 1
Words: 3600 words total
Rating: PG - NC17
Summary: Datestamps for Venom (vamp!Dean/Sam), Whistler 'verse (j2), Open Mike Night at the Fremont (j2) and Numbered Days (j2). Links to the original stories are included below.

datestamp for Venom )


datestamp for trust me not to think(and not to sleep around) )


datestamp for Open Mike Night at the Fremont )


datestamp for Numbered Days )

I'll have the next batch on Wednesday make that Friday. My life, so crazy. :D
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So I have this novel I started during NaNo, right? I wrote 30k words, plotted the whole thing out, fell in love with people who weren't the JJ's (!!!) and basically started doing what I've said I wanted to do for YEARS.

And now it's the end of January, and I want to finish the first draft by my birthday in April, b/c I can be just as symbolic as the next person, BUT. I'm having a hard time getting down to tacks here when I ALSO want to write the JJ's making out in the surf of some white-sand beach, and Merlin and Arthur falling in love in Victorian England. I was moaning to [ profile] sori1773 about this a few weeks ago.

Me: What's wrong with me? It's like I'm purposely distracting myself! If it weren't for NaNo, I would never have started the book in the first place. *frets*
She: So do another NaNo.

She's smarter than I am. It's one of the reasons I love her. :D

Soooooo, I'm taking a live journal break for the month of February to work on my book. (eeep!) I'll still be around on email, and to answer bigbang questions, and I'll most definitely be back in March.

But BEFORE I GO *g*, I'd like to offer up some datestamps, if anyone's interested. (oh, man. I never do stuff like this b/c I always expect, you know, *crickets* in response, but.)

Comment here with a future time frame and the title of anything I've written, anything at all. I'll write a few hundred words in that 'verse and post them on Monday.

Thanks for playing. :D

ETA: That's ten, so I'm going to cap it here. Thanks so much for the prompts! :D:D


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