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I was mysteriously schmoopy over at [ profile] undermistletoe.

Title: Angels We Have Heard
Author: Audra Rose
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2700
Summary: It’s Christmas and it’s snowing and there’s a song that Dean can’t get out of his head.
Notes: Written for [ profile] undermistletoe mystery schmoop. (Emphasis on schmoop.)

Angels We Have Heard )
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Title: Just My Imagination
Author: Audra Rose
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All made up. See title.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Length: 6300 words
Summary: Schmoopy first-time in which Jensen can't handle his tequila, Jared is frustrated and Whistler is cold and snowy.
Warnings: None. Unless “fluff” qualifies.
Notes: I just wanted to write goopy, feel-good, cliché-fic. (Also? My first rps. eep.) Big, messy, beta thank you kisses to [ profile] sori1773 and [ profile] wendy. LoveloveLOVE.

Just My Imagination )
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Title: One Cloud Scattered Night
Author: Audra Rose
Summary: written for [ profile] spn_halloween, Prompt 152: Sam gets trapped in a nightmare and Dean has to go in and lead him back to consciousness.
Length: 5000 words or so
Warnings: Wincest, first time, h/c on a near-epic scale. Heh.

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] quarterturn for the awesome prompt and to [ profile] ignipes for the challenge. Also, huge thanks to [ profile] mikou for reminding me that a story needs to make sense without the author notes and summary, and to the brilliant [ profile] sori1773 for making sure this one actually does. *hugs*

One Cloud Scattered Night )
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CRAAAACK. Total angst-vampire-porn that has absolutely nothing to do with last night's episode!

Written for [ profile] missmollyetc and the love meme. (Not part of the Venom-verse, but vampires nonetheless. heeeeeee!!)

Title: A Thousand Ways
Author: Audra Rose
Fandom/Pairing: SPN, Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam loves Dean enough.

A Thousand Ways )
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all numb3rs in this set... (btw? this is FUN. thanks for the ideas!) x-posted nowhere. :D

for [ profile] schnaucl (cyn, you already saw this one in my comment. :D )

don loves charlie )

for [ profile] sara_merry99 I liked doing this one, hon!

megan loves larry )

for [ profile] castalie this turned out WAY fluffier than I intended. hee!

edgerton loves charlie )

More later, probably. wheeee!
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This is my contribution to the [ profile] numb3rsficathon. Master list is here.

Title: G is for Gamble
Author: Audra Rose
Fandom/Pairing: Numb3rs, Don/Charlie/Ian
Warnings: threesome, incest
Summary: Ian wants Don. Don wants Charlie. Charlie’s clueless. All of them need therapy.

Notes: I looked at the prompt as a personal challenge and took a chance on writing something very different than my usual marshmallow-fluff. Oh, God. *facehands*

(kisses to sori and mel for beta help. *loves*)

G is for Gamble )
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(Okay, so I lied about waiting to post until I'd finished both sections. *bg* Once this part started nearing 8000 words I figured it was substantial enough to stand on its own. So... more goth!boys. :D)

Title: Bitten (Venom series, Part 4/5)
Author: [ profile] audrarose
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural, Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7600 or so.
Summary: Sam and Dean face the aftermath. With smut.
Warnings: Vampires? Italics? All-too-brief redemption? And, you know, incest.

Notes: Okay, so back when I got the bright idea to turn my one little vamp-y, goth-y snippety-thing into a larger piece I had no idea my RL was going to EXPLODE, but for what it's worth, here's part four, with one more (just one more, promise!) to come. Sequel to Beautiful, Broken, and Bound. You should probably read those stories first.

Hugs to [ profile] sori1773 for the beta. And oh, yes -- heartfelt kisses to anyone who still cares what happens to these guys. *loves*

Bitten by Audra Rose )

Conclusion: Benediction
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Title: Bound
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural, Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, a little bondage, and consent issues. (Anyone still here? *bg*)
Summary: The goth!boys go back to the club for more angst and eyeliner. Plus porn.

Notes: Third in a series of vignettes, with two more to come. Follows Beautiful and Broken. I’ve been trying to finish this for weeks. *g* Kisses to everyone who asked. (and to [ profile] sori1773 for the amazing beta!)

The icons of inspiration -- in case you'd like a visual. *g* )

Bound )
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Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Charlie/Don
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incest. Angst. The usual.
Summary: Maybe it's all an illusion.
Notes: Harmless relationship angst. *g* Written for the Secrets prompt at [ profile] slash_100. A coda to the episode Soft Target. (That was the one where spoilers ))

Smoke and Mirrors by Audra Rose )
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