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2009-02-27 09:46 pm
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FIC: And You Are...? (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

Apparently, I'm having a fling. :D

Earlier this afternoon I was innocently scanning the Porn Paragraph challenge over at [ profile] linaerys's lj and SUDDENLY I saw that [ profile] suaine had posted the prompt: Merlin + Arthur + AMNESIA.


My most beloved and utterly bulletproof kink. And so.

930 words of arthur/merlin amnesia porn-fluff, for which I should probably apologize but OH WELL, NOT TODAY. )

re-posted here so I could add such frivolities as punctuation.
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2009-02-27 10:54 am

FIC: two datestamps to So Close to My Heart (j2)

Well, I obviously need to have the concept of 'datestamps' explained to me, because after rocking through the first few prompts, I stalled out trying to make the rest of them actual fics instead of little glimpses. It is very vexing. (x-posted nowhere, b/c I'm not sure what I think of these. If you hate them, just pretend they didn't happen, 'kay? :D )

Original story here

So Close, a year and a half before (931 words) -- the first time J, J and J hang out without the Rosenbaums present, for [ profile] lomedet

Read more... )

So Close, a year and a half later (1750 words) for [ profile] wendy, with bonus Alona for [ profile] pocketfullof

Read more... )
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2009-02-09 11:52 am
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FIC: Brilliant (Arthur/Merlin, R)

ahahahaha... I wrote Merlin fic. I watched 1x10 last night and it just HAPPENED... when confronted with slash that blatant, what could I DO? I was overwhelmed!

Title: Brilliant
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Spoilers: for one line of dialogue in 1x10
Summary: Merlin drinks, Arthur disapproves. Until he doesn't.

For the primae noctis challenge over at [ profile] merlin_flashfic, oh, GOD, am I nervous. But whatever, nothing ventured, right? :D


I still have datestamps to post. I fail at hiatus, obviously. :D
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2009-02-02 01:19 pm

Datestamp fics

This is the first set of datestamps that came out of this post. Thanks for the prompts, bb's. :D

Title: Various date stamps, part 1
Words: 3600 words total
Rating: PG - NC17
Summary: Datestamps for Venom (vamp!Dean/Sam), Whistler 'verse (j2), Open Mike Night at the Fremont (j2) and Numbered Days (j2). Links to the original stories are included below.

datestamp for Venom )


datestamp for trust me not to think(and not to sleep around) )


datestamp for Open Mike Night at the Fremont )


datestamp for Numbered Days )

I'll have the next batch on Wednesday make that Friday. My life, so crazy. :D
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2009-01-21 09:59 am

Fic: Numbered Days (j2, PG)

aaaaaaand, let's try this again. *koff*

Title: Numbered Days
Fandom/pairing: cwrps, j2
Rating: PG (This is a first kiss story.)
Word count: 4600
Summary: "You're pretty, he's pretty... you both like dogs. It's fate!"

Notes: Written for [ profile] deathbymutation in the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas fic exchange. I used your prompt that asked for Jensen saving Harley, and a misunderstanding about why she needed saving in the first place. Only somehow the boys ended up in college while that happened. (And *ahem* Harley is a girl dog. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me that one.) :D I really hope you like this, hon, and I'm sorry it's so late. :D

Numbered Days )
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2009-01-12 10:33 am

FIC: Not Moving Mountains, 1/2 (J2, NC-17)

Title: Not Moving Mountains
Words: 12,182
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction.
Summary: Written for Sweet Charity and the wonderful [ profile] destina, who asked me for "J2 non-AU comfortfic. Of any sort. As long as it's warm and fuzzy in the end. And has lots of touching." :D

Notes: A few more at the end, but HUGE beta thanks to [ profile] setissma, [ profile] luzdeestrellas and [ profile] wendy. Huge. Really.

Not Moving Mountains, part one )