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posted by [personal profile] audrarose at 04:31pm on 06/02/2009

banner by [ profile] ignited

Happy ending comment fic, chez [ profile] memphis86, lots of lovely prompts -- I hope everyone goes to play. :D:D

Mine is here. Boys snuggling in bed, rated a very definite G.

(Also? In my head, it takes place in the Not Moving Mountains, Jensen-gets-over-mono 'verse, so it's the same as a datestamp, yes? *bg* From [ profile] wendy's prompt and [ profile] yehwellwhatever)

I have one more datestamp that came out of this post

G is for Gamble (n3) charlie/don, three months after. for [ profile] sara_merry99 and [ profile] admiralandrea.

"So this is where they're keeping you."

Charlie doesn't look up at the voice but his shoulders tighten and he stops typing, the figures immediately swimming into nonsense before his eyes. He takes a breath.

"Wow. Hi. Ian," he adds after a split-second pause that still seems to echo a little.

"Wow, hi, Ian? That's all I get? Don't sound so excited." Ian's smiling and his tone is light but Charlie still wants to back up a little as Ian enters his office, moves to prop one hip on Charlie's desk. "I had to track you down, man. This place is a maze."

"Hey, surprise, I'm in the math building," Charlie says, and would add 'duh' to the sentence if he weren't a little freaked out. He hasn't seen Ian since he left Don's apartment that night, probably wishing Charlie dead, even if the last interaction between them had been a really scorching blow-job Charlie hasn't entirely forgotten. He's having some trouble putting sentences together at the moment.

"Come on," Ian says, standing. "Let me buy you lunch."

Charlie stands automatically and makes it almost to the door behind Ian before he stops and looks up at Ian speculatively. "You're not taking me out of here to kill me and dispose of the body or anything, are you?"

Ian bursts out laughing at that. "Don't be stupid, Charlie. Way too many people saw me come in here for that."

Charlie isn't entirely reassured. "Yeah, witnesses are a pain in the ass," Charlie says, but follows him out the door anyway, and they walk in companionable silence to the cafeteria in Anders Hall. "They have the best salad bar," Charlie offers when they reach the entrance, and Ian shrugs like it doesn't matter to him either way.

"How's Donny these days?" Ian asks, when they're sitting by a window overlooking the quad.

"You haven't talked to him?" Charlie asks, a little concerned again, not for his life so much but for Don's reaction later. "Doesn't he know you're here?"

Ian narrows his eyes and his smile gets thin. "Is that a problem? You think Don wouldn't want you to eat lunch with me? Jesus, Charlie, it's just a meal."

But it isn't just a meal, Charlie knows that, can feel it radiating off Ian in waves, and subtleties have never been Charlie's strength.

"We didn't plan anything, you know. That night. You know that, right?"

"It's my own stupid fault, Charlie," Ian says, as he takes a bite of his sandwich. He swallows almost without chewing. "I don't blame you. If I hadn't called you in, he would never have touched you. You know that, right?" He bit off another piece, and Charlie thinks about sharks feeding. "Never would have laid a hand on you, baby brother. I have no one to blame but myself."

Charlie represses the urge to get up. "You don't know anything about us."

"Oh, you know you're wrong, there. I know a lot about you two. Intimately." Ian smiles, with a heat that makes Charlie shiver. "And I know your brother, Charlie. Being with me made him crazy; what will being with you do to him?" Ian holds his stare, gaze flat. Suddenly he sits back. "You're right about this salad bar, Charlie. Top-notch."

Later that night, Charlie will wind himself around Don, close his eyes, and pretend that Ian isn't still, somehow, in bed with them.

More datestamps on Monday. :D
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posted by [identity profile] at 12:12am on 07/02/2009
Awesome! Truly. I love the last line in particular. Poor Charlie.

So next time you do datestamps can I ask for a datestamp of a datestamp?
posted by [identity profile] at 01:23am on 07/02/2009
Gah! Yummy!

I like Ian when he's a little scary, you know?

I am so happy to see you write a little N3. :)

posted by [identity profile] at 09:19am on 07/02/2009
Rawr! This is *fantastic* I loved it!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
posted by [identity profile] at 10:05am on 07/02/2009

You wrote N3...

/is stunned/

I'm not even sure what to think about that. And how did I miss this datestamp thing? This being offline most of 2009 is really sucking.


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