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Master List of Fiction Links (with summaries)


Dean Winchester's Guide to Hitch-hiking Gen (R) Dean knows how to hitch a ride.

One Cloud Scattered Night Sam/Dean (R) Sam is trapped in a nightmare and Dean has to lead him back.

A Thousand Ways Sam/Dean (NC-17) Sam loves Dean enough.

Angels We Have Heard Sam/Dean (NC-17) It's Christmas and it's snowing and there's a song that Dean can't get out of his head.

Forgotten Series (in progress)

Forgotten, Part 1 Dean/Castiel (PG) Castiel only wants one thing.

Forgotten, Part 2 Dean/Castiel (PG) Dean's forgotten more than just his time in hell.

Forgotten, Part 3 Dean/Castiel (PG) Dean's starting to figure it out.

Forgotten, Part 4 Dean/Castiel (R) Dean knows, but he still doesn't remember.

Venom Series (Complete)

Part 1: Beautiful Sam/Dean (NC-17) Vampires, angst and eyeliner.

Part 2: Broken Sam/Dean (NC-17) Vampires, angst and eyeliner.

Part 3: Bound Sam/Dean (NC-17) Vampires, angst and eyeliner.

Part 4: Bitten Sam/Dean (NC-17) Vampires, angst and eyeliner.

Part 5: Benediction Sam/Dean (NC-17) Vampires, angst and eyeliner.


J2 one-shots

Numbered Days RPS Jared/Jensen (PG) College AU, written for spn_j2_xmas. "You're pretty, he's pretty... you both like dogs. It's fate!" Jensen rescues Harley from an animal shelter. A first kiss story.

Not Moving Mountains RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Written for Sweet Charity and the wonderful destina, who asked me for "J2 non-AU comfortfic. Of any sort. As long as it's warm and fuzzy in the end. And has lots of touching." :D

Open Mike Night at the Fremont RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Bookstore AU set in Chicago, with Jared as a sculptor who works out of a garage and Jensen as a bookstore clerk who's trying to get over a tragedy.

So Close to My Heart RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Dr. Jared and single-dad Jensen in Seattle, with love and complications.

Never Knew ('Til I Met You) RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Jared's a flirt. Jensen's jealous. Smut ensues.

Whistler 'verse A j2 relationship arc. Possibly never-ending. All are stand-alone but the first two.

Just My Imagination RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) In which Jensen can't handle his tequila, Jared wishes he could handle Jensen and Whistler is cold and snowy.

Make You Love Me RPS Jared/Jensen (R) In which Jensen is still tequila challenged, Jared is slightly evil and Whistler remains cold and snowy. Companion piece to Just My Imagination.

Hard Candy RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) New relationships can be hard. And sweet. heh.

Enough For Me RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Jensen really should go home.

Already Falling RPS Jared/Jensen (R) Jared goes home for a visit. A late night phone conversation.

trust me not to think (and not to sleep around) RPS Jared/Jensen (NC-17) Jensen's a little drunk and Jared's a lot jealous. Then there is schmoop.


Brilliant Merlin/Arthur (R) Merlin drinks, Arthur disapproves. Until he doesn't. for merlin_flashfic

Bandom all of these links will take you to my bandom fic journal

Pulled into Nazareth RPS Mikey/Bob, MCR (R) Post summer of like. Mikey and Bob figure it out.

Half-Past Dead RPS Pete/Patrick, FOB (G) Post summer of like ficlet. Pete is going to get over Mikey.

One Night at the Paramour RPS Mikey/Bob, Frank/Gerard, MCR (PG) Mikey can't sleep in his room anymore.

awake and unafraid RPS Mikey/Pete, MCR FOB (NC-17) First-time, summer of like.

give all time away RPS Mikey/Bob, Pete/Patrick, MCR FOB (PG) Set Christmas, 2005. Pete calls Mikey.


Old Ghosts TW, Jack/Ianto, (PG-14) The gang goes to Scotland. Jack and Ianto break up.

the next time she sees them TW, Jack/Ianto (PG) Gwen walks in on them again. Coda to 2x12 Fragments.


The Arms of the Galaxy Gen (all) Don thinks about Charlie's place in the universe.

Belief Gen (all) Charlie. Don. Basketball. Faith.

Absolution Charlie/Don (R) Charlie and Don deal with the aftermath of a shooting.

Resolution Charlie/Don (NC-17) sequel to Absolution

Connection to Reality Charlie/Don (NC-17) sequel to Resolution

Sooner or Later Charlie/Larry (PG-13) Larry thinks about Charlie's new job. A character study. With kissing.

The Next Time Charlie/Colby (PG) UST. It could go one of two ways.

Jealousy Charlie/Don (R) Don visits Charlie when he's living with Susan.

Smoke and Mirrors Charlie/Don (PG) Maybe it's all an illusion.

love meme drabbles Charlie/Don, Megan/Larry, Charlie/Edgerton (R-ish) Three unrelated ficlets.

G is for Gamble Charlie/Don/Edgerton (NC-17) Ian wants Don. Don wants Charlie. Charlie's clueless. Everyone needs therapy.

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I really hope to have more SV stories at some point. Maybe after the show is done breaking me.

Transition Clark/Lex (NC-17) Post-college, pre-cape. Lex has to learn how to share.


This is a loosely connected series.

Secrets Tony/Gibbs (PG) Gibbs' thoughts about Tony.

Rules Tony/Gibbs (PG) Tony's thoughts about Gibbs.

Breaking Point Tony/Gibbs (NC-17) It would take something catastrophic to bring them together.

Daybreak Tony/Gibbs (R) Tony and Gibbs on the beach.


Some of these links will take you to 852 Prospect (TS archive).

Truly, Madly, Deeply Jim/Blair (PG-13) Blair cannot tell a lie. Written for 2008 ts_ficathons.

The Shot Jim/Blair (R) There are many kinds of courage.

Restraint Jim/Blair (NC-17) Jim. Blair. Bed. Railing. Tie. (Bondage, but if it were ice cream it would be vanilla. Possibly with caramel.)

Touch You Jim/Blair (NC-17) It's snowing, they're running, Jim's sick and Blair's losing it. So, of course, they have to have sex. Twice.

The Sum of the Parts Jim/Blair (R) Visitors from the past and an old photograph. Blair has a secret. Jim wants to know what it is.

In Kansas Jim/Blair (R) Blair didn't answer the first phone call because it came on a bad day. (Of everything I've written? This is my favorite. Go figure.)

I Know You and I Know You II Jim/Blair (R) Two amnesia ficlets.

Summer Sea Series

Into the Summer Sea Jim/Blair (NC-17) Post S2P2. Ghosts. Guilt. Murder. Mental anguish.

Sand and Water Jim/Blair (NC-17) Sequel to Into the Summer Sea. More ghosts. More mental anguish.

Still the Deep Jim/Blair (NC-17) Sequel to Sand and Water. Three months after the fountain, Jim and Blair are haunted by the experience. Literally.

Best New Author
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All of these are works in progress:


Untitled SPN Harlequin-y thing Jensen is a research chemist of unbelievable brilliance whose laser-focused attention on his work leaves him severely lacking in real world skills. Which is unfortunate, because while Jensen is working in his lab, Jared (who is also a medical researcher/aid worker type guy) is spending his time tromping through jungles and looking for the cure for (insert horrible disease scourge of the modern world here) and being all hot and adventure-y and OF COURSE somehow Jensen ends up having to go with him on his next safari or whatever it's called. (obviously, some research on my part is going to be required. *ahem*) Danger! UST! And lots and lots of sex! *bg* (est 20,000 words) UPDATE: I'm planning to start this in January, and there's a good chance this will turn out to be my 2009 Big Bang story.

Untitled Tron AU for j2_everafter. I'm taking the prompt very loosely -- really as just an excuse to write the JJ's as jailed freedom fighters who go on the run. idek, srsly. est. 5-8000 words. Due by April 19.

Sequel/Datestamp to So Close to My Heart. I like Dr. Jared and Daddy!Jensen a whole lot, and I've been having fun playing with what happens after So Close ends, how they make their lives fit together now that they've made the decision to be a family. So far that includes a school fund raiser, a recorder concert and an ice storm. (est. 7,000 words) UPDATE: As of 1/09 -- oh, wow. 9000 words of not-much-happens. This isn't drawer-fic, but it needs an overhaul. Sigh. Not sure when it will be finished.

Date stamp #2 to So Close This one's just in the planning stages, but I'd like to do something where the j's add to their family. More kid!fic. eep.


Forgotten, part 5 -- Dean/Castiel. This series is definitely still in progress, but fair warning, the whole thing probably won't be finished until the end of the season. This next part will be posted in January.


Untitled AU based on the Secret Garden. For reel_merlin. Again, this is only going to vaguely resemble the prompt. God knows if I'll actually write it, but I had to grab The Secret Garden because I couldn't resist doing Victorian England and killing Uther off in India, leaving his ward Morgana (Colin) so desperately ill that her brother Arthur (Mary) has to bring her back to his enormous estate in the countryside where Gwen (Martha) and Gaius (Dr. Craven) can nurse her back to health while Merlin (Dickon) is all magical and talking to birds and making flowers bloom and causing poor, emotionally-stunted Arthur to fall in love with him. :D Due by March 24.